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05-Jun-2017 08:59

They show up and burn out because they’re focused on getting laid ASAP.But while there To start with, guys who just show up and immediately start hitting on people make women uncomfortable.A guy who rolls up on somebody at a tabletop gaming event at the local coffee shop the same way he would at a nightclub is displaying incredibly poor social calibration; his behavior simply isn’t appropriate for the social context of the situation and it’s going to make women justifiably uncomfortable.

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None of them – even women who might otherwise be open to some no-strings-attached nookie – are going to appreciate people who show up to their fixie appreciation club because they have a hankering to dip their wick in some hipster chicks.A few days ago, a friend of mine told the story of how a random guy tried to pick her up over Facebook.The only thing they had in common before he tried to slide into her DMs like yeah were that both of them were members of the same Facebook group; up until that point, they had never so much as exchanged two words in the comments on a post.Now, I’ve long recommended a number of social events as places to meet women outside of bars and clubs…

but it doesn’t do any good if your approach drives people The first mistake that I see people make when they’re trying to meet awesome single people outside of the bar and club scene is that they behave like they’re still at a singles bar.Becoming a participating member of the group means that people get to know you and vice versa.You have an opportunity to establish yourself as a cool, fun person to get to know instead of that douchebag who’s clearly here to try to get laid.These guys are demonstrating that they have no respect for the group or its members. At their worst, they’re disruptive and ruin the vibe of the group and drive people away.

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