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all","Agency Moderator Not Set Up":"Please set up all your agency settings under my account before creating a new moderator (not including publish settings).","Agency Name":"Agency name","Agency Price Plan1Title":"","Agency Price Plan Enterprise":"Enterprise","Agency Price Plan Medium":"Medium","Agency Price Plan Start":"Start","Agency Publish Info":"Agency Publish Info","Agency Publish Settings Shout Em Invited":"Shout Em is invited to use Android dev account as administrator","Agency Request In Review":"Your agency request is in review","Agency Request In Review Detailed":"Before we enable your agency dashboard, our team will take a quick look to make sure your that you qualify for the agency program.

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As you can imagine, the prices being asked can be all over the place.Each code can be used by one person only.","Affiliate Email":"User","Affiliate Generate":"Generate","Affiliate Generate Codes":"Promo codes","Affiliate Money Balance":"Balance: $","Affiliate Money Cashed Out":"Cashed out: $","Affiliate Money Earned":"Earned: $","Affiliate Multiple Purchases":"Multiple purchases","Affiliate Option":"Code type","Affiliate Popup Title":"Promo code link","Affiliate Single Purchase":"Single purchase","Affiliate Tooltip Available After30Days":"In order for money become available at your account we need to wait 30 days from the day each single purchase was made :(","Affiliate Transaction Commision":"Commission","Affiliate Transaction Date":"Date","Affiliate Transactions":"Transaction history","Affiliate Transaction Sales":"Sales","Affiliate Transaction User":"User","Affiliate Utilization Time":"Code expiration date","Affiliate Utilization Time Err":"Valid code expiration date must be entered","Agency Administration":"Agency Administration","Agency Custom App Preview Domain":"Custom app preview domain","Agency Custom App Preview Domain Setup Info":"In your DNS settings, enter a wildcard CNAME record like *pointing to apps.It takes some time to propagate the new domain through the servers.","Agency Id":"Agency ID","Agency Info":"Agency Info","Agency Mandrill Warning Template":"In order to enable shoutem to send automated emails on behalf of your domain, you should change your domain's TXT records - DKIM and SPF.As with anything considered classic or vintage, the current value of a classic or vintage automobile or truck is best determined by gathering auction house information.

The first thing this does if you're a buyer is to assure you don't grossly overpay.

To enable DKIM, create a TXT record for mandrill._domainkey.

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