Chechen girls dating

27-Jul-2017 13:56

Dating Khedi Konchieva, 15, is dating her boyfriend in Serzhen-Yurt village.

2012 Chechen artists backstage before their performance. Bridal kidnappings are outlawed under strongman Ramzan Kadyrov.Learn more, including about available controls: Cookie Policy.Photojournalist Diana Markosian spent the last year and half covering Russia's volatile North Caucasus region.Goodbye My Chechnya For young girls in Chechnya the most innocent acts could mean breaking the rules.

A Chechen girl caught smoking is cause for arrest; while rumors of a couple having sex before marriage can result in an honor killing.The agency refused to send her there and she decided to go by herself. Many colleagues of Diana didn’t want to go to Chechnya but she returned there after the first trip. According to Diana it’s dangerous and risky to work and live in Chechnya, girls are often kidnapped.In her project Diana Markosyan tried to show life of girls living in Chechnya.The rate of unemployment is rather high in the Republic.