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03-Jun-2017 08:48

Sometimes, the player may acquire an Infinity 1 Sword or ability once they beat this extraordinarily difficult enemy, but it's usually a Bragging Rights Reward.

Anyone who can beat the Bonus Boss has proved they don't need them, unless it's to fight another Bonus Boss even harder than the last one.

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) -Mitsune's Room, frame above opening -Motoko's room, statue's head -Dining Room, top drawer -Lounge, round frame -Training Center, Japanese sign -Outside Tea House, above big opening -West Town, first red Japanese sign -East Town, red lamp -East Town, red lamp (click twice!

Their difficulty is usually (but not always) much beyond that of the "story line" final boss; these have a nickname of "Superboss." Occasionally, games may have more than one Bonus Boss.

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