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30-Mar-2017 21:21

The story of ‘prostitution’ is being filtered through the institutions of the police, social services and government, and reproduced over and over again, creating ‘knowledge’ by an ‘author’, not in the sense of an author of fiction, but an author and co-creator of the discourse.The knowledge produced is that of the Swedish Welfare State and of the ‘supreme’ morals of Sweden.In the (1993), Foucault illustrates three main procedures of exclusion: the forbidden speech; the division of madness; and the will to truth (p. Within this emerges the concept of the prohibition, regulating, among other things, who is allowed to speak and about what.The tradition of these procedures has a long history in Sweden, not only in the case of sex work but other marginalised social phenomena including homosexuality, ethnic minorities, transgender communities, people with mental illness and others.This stands in opposition to recent Swedish research on the sexual health of men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender people (TG).This research stresses the need for targeted community-based sexual health services.

Another member, Horace Engdahl, said that Academy had confirmed that there was “a problem of leadership.” “A radical gesture was needed to create the conditions for a new beginning,” he told Swedish public television, SVT.Recent Swedish research also highlights the success of innovative on-line approaches that help male sex workers and TG understand personal risk to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), their legal rights and how to access community-based health services.Responding to the research and not viewing sex workers as victims, this paper outlines the design of Sweden’s first bespoke online platform targeting male and transgender sex workers.The Swedish government’s high priority of providing support for exiting might be the explanation for the lack of social interventions aiming to increase sexual and emotional health among sex workers in a context outside the prostitution units and similar interventions.

The dichotomy between zero tolerance and harm reduction has been challenged by The National Board of Welfare and Health (2010, p.3).

We outline our unique approach and the steps we undertook to design the Röda Paraplyet webpage ( in collaboration with male sex workers and Rose Alliance, a leading sex worker organisation.

Apr 13, 2018. The Academy, which in under the direct patronage of the Swedish king. concerning allegations of rape and assault between 20.… continue reading »

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