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02-Mar-2017 14:42

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Clinton "dirt" on June 9—and it launched "DCLeaks" for *that day* to do so. Ra Ty F9L A sobering reminder that the 12 Russians indicted today may never see a day of incarceration for attempting to interfere with the 2016 election.

They used a law which hasn't been used in over 10 years, zero citations. Ql JIvt Fantastic map of connections if only it included details for the bulk of Trump's compromising contacts that have been on US payroll for more than 20 years as #CIA assets or #FBI informants & surveillance rabbits!

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National Prayer Group mentioned in DOJ’s new Russia indictment run by org that sent GOP Congressman to Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Ukraine and Romania in 2016 right after Trump won primary, travel docs show. CNCyq PROTESTS AGAINST DRUMPF SET FOR NOW TILL IMPEACHMENT! #Occupy WH #Resist @Your Anon News @Latest Anon News @Your Anon Global @Your Anon Global @Your Anon Central @Says Hummingbird #Occupy WH#Occupy WH#Occupy WH#Occupy WH#Occupy WH#Occupy WH We all kinda told ya about Trump #Op Death Eaters Yeah we all told you about her too, we didn’t favor either of them and stated time and time again how they both sucked. If you knew about our foundation you’d understand that we don’t believe in either wing of your oligarchy, you’re duped. How are you going to break it to them that you’ve been pushing an agenda of propaganda that lead them to believe Trump is the good guy?

We would point out the big security gaps for sending texts via the Whats App Messenger App.

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