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30-Jun-2017 17:14

I do a lot of things on a very regular basis such as club activities, taking classes, volunteer work, going to the park with my dog, going to parties and bars with friends.

I have also tried online dating and asked friend/co-workers to set me up but I'm still on my own.

Sure, everybody knows there are the typical guys that just want to have fun and not seriously date, but when most guys find the right girl, someone they are very into, they will usually want to stay with that person.

And when guys are 30 or more, they are usually over the 'I don't want anything serious' phase.

The chances of someone attaining either of those is next to nil, which is what I think you'll end up finding out, hopefully before its too late. Yes, he has discussed the difficulties and frustrations in finding someone. Because the physicality only goes and lasts so long.

The funny thing is even if you have attained those billion dollars (think Donald Trump), even HE hasn't been all that happy in regards to relationships. She may have been pretty, but they're not compatible.

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But most people would *also* want a billion dollars. Here's the killer point here: EVEN IF A '10' WILL WANT TO BE WITH HIS OLD BUTT (because he's loaded), IT STILL NEVER WORKS OUT.Remember, 21 is the minimum; the ideal is between 21 and 30. Again, one must be realistic or one will be alone for the rest of their life.I think most people would *ideally* want a '10', heck who wouldn't?I have gone on dates with many guys (mostly those who I've met online) but usually there just isn't a mutual level of attraction physically, mentally, or a emotionally and quite a few of the men aren't interested in a long-term relationship. Anu, I (or any else I know) never tried this service.

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