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In 1442, King John II of Castile gifted the city to the House of Zúñiga and its right to vote in the Cortes of Castile was lost.In 1446, the first university in Extremadura was installed in Plasencia, according to the wish of the Bishop.Since the 15th century, the noblemen of the region began to move to Plasencia, defining its current appearance.Although Plasencia was not founded until 1186, pieces of pottery found in Boquique’s Cave provide evidence that this territory was inhabited long before.Henry IV of Castile was deposed from the throne in favour of the infant Alfonso after the count of Plasencia stole the sword of this king’s wooden statue, signifying that without the sword, he had no power.A decade later, the queen of Castile, Joanna la Beltraneja, and Afonso V of Portugal were married and were proclaimed the rulers of Castile and Portugal.

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The Restoration was a revolutionary era for Plasencia because the city witnessed many reforms that affected its economy and society.

The monarch moved here in 1515, and died in Madrigalejo during his travel to Guadalupe.