Cerebral dating palsy single woman

19-Jun-2017 03:51

Having athetoid spastic cerebral palsy can lead to challenges, socially and romantically.However, at a young age, I set a goal of a happy marriage, and I don’t give up on my goals.Dating and relationships are something many people want in life.But with a disability such as cerebral palsy, dating can seem an astronomical task.Last night I remembered how difficult it can be to be single and have cerebral palsy. With two children and jobs, finding time to have a date night isn’t easy.Prior to our second child, we used to go dancing every weekend.

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Since Cerebral Palsy is, in general, a pediatric disability, many doctors are not trained to help as we age beyond our childhood.Nothing seemed to matter, just having fun and being in the moment.Later on, one of the guys asked Jeff what our relationship was and Jeff said we were married.People walked past me with the sympathetic look, the annoyance look, confused looks and surprised looks.