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Unfortunately, what Leo ends up capturing on camera is not a weekend of peace and tranquility, but a nightmarish descent into pure terror.Those are web search results for "Evil Things 2009" and may change in time. If some of the links harm copyright laws please see our DMCA and Copyright page.After their plane crashes off the coast of a deserted Pacific island, the surviving members of an American soccer team find themselves in the most dire of circumstances with limited resources, dwindling food supply and no rescue coming any time soon.Team spirit evaporates as disagreements cause the group to separate into factions - a violent one lead by an unbalanced ruler (Peck), and a compassionate one led by a selfless player (Parker). It shows how the best of intentions become disastrous for all while the spineless people end up heroes.

For centuries, a secret Order of priests has existed within the Church.In that way, it also depicts the irony of how people who are real heroes end up villains in the eyes of the others because of circumstances.I think Andy was the best of the lot but ended up as a person everyone ends up hating in the end, while the others who were not able to take tough decisions took the worst decision by should how inhuman they really can be in the end.I wasn't blown away by it or anything, but I felt as though it was an entertaining horror/thriller.

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It did become slightly predictable, but not enough to turn me off from it.

Of course they all jump at the chance to spend a free weekend in the country, in the middle of nowhere.