C progress bar not updating

16-Apr-2017 08:19

I guess I somehow need the main thread to wait until the spawned thread has completed until it attempts to process the objects the spawned thread is working on.Not sure but maybe this is a new problem and should be in a new question.We have had a few questions on the board in recent times asking about the best way to show the progress of a long running process; such as file reading of a HUGE file.If you have a file with tens or hundreds of thousands of lines, or datasets which may have millions of records, it is going to take some time to process.It is fine that it takes a bit of time, it is understandable, but how about showing the user the progress WITHOUT tying up their user interface (so they can do other things)?

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These threads are often referred to as “worker threads” and they can be setup to run functions and code in parallel with your main thread. A delegate can be thought of as a pointer to a function.

The weird thing is that when I take this code out and use it in a small simple application it works! Also in my loop I am also calling functions that call functions so all my processing is there.