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In common with Supergirl's origin story, she is the daughter of Superman's aunt and uncle and a native of the planet Krypton.The infant Power Girl's parents enabled her to escape the destruction of her home planet by placing her in a rocket ship.Following DC's 2011 "Flashpoint" storyline and New 52 reboot, Power Girl's origin was retold as the Supergirl of "Earth 2", cousin and adopted daughter of Superman, who during evil god Darkseid's invasion of Earth 2 becomes stranded in the main continuity of Earth 0, subsequently adopting the name Power Girl to hide her true identity. How unfair." After All Star Comics was canceled as a part of the DC Implosion, the character would continue to appear along with the rest of the JSA in Adventure Comics for a six-issue run.She returned to her source Earth in the story Earth 2: World's End (2014–2015). Due in part to her being one of the more popular characters in All-Star Comics at the time, she was given a solo tryout in Showcase issues 97–99, which expanded on her pre-Crisis origin.The entirety of the Palmiotti/Grey/Conner run is contained in Power Girl: Power Trip, which collects JSA Classified #1–4 and Power Girl #1–12.Kara's father discovers that Krypton is about to explode, and places her in a spacecraft directed towards the Earth.

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The 2005–2006 Infinite Crisis limited series then restored her status as a refugee from the Krypton of the destroyed Pre-Crisis Earth-Two universe.

Although this occurs at the same time that Kal-L's ship is launched, Kara's ship travels more slowly, and she arrives on Earth decades after her cousin has landed.

Kara’s Symbioship is designed to keep her in stasis during the journey and provide her with life experiences and education in the form of virtual reality.

However, as mentioned in JSA Classified #1, her age at arrival has now been retconned to about eighteen in post-Crisis continuity.

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In Showcase #97, Kara is reclaimed by the sentient Symbioship and reimmersed into Kandorian society for a time.

Power Girl's origin has gone through revisions, but over time has reverted to her original conception as the Supergirl of Earth-Two.