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12-Mar-2017 19:50

Slobbering his big Asian cock while flipping the racist part of her audience off.”STPeach is a a white female Twitch streamer worshiped on /r/aznidentity for having an asian boyfriend.“I hope this generates maximum outrage for the 4chan or sexpat types,” he continued. The porn shoot success was announced earlier today and distraught 4chan threads started appearing a few hours later. ” a bitter scribe ponders while launching another thread.

“Asian male Activist porn being made as revenge on white men,” howled one headline which quickly garnered 155 replies. Back on the other side of the battlefield, exhilarated /r/aznidentity members are flooding their generals with ideas for future porn shoots.“Since [white male] snowflakes seem to assume [asian females] are theirs now, we need a scene where [an asian female] outright denies [a white male] and proceeds to make asian babies,” suggests on the other hand wants k-pop and nerd themes to be avoided so that the porn can “sexualiz[e] asian males to the fullest” and appeal to as many women as possible.

It’s not too late, even for you self-absorbed man-children.

Awhile back--in one of the purged sports gossip threads--someone said Bill Parcells was gay. My former friend, who I haven't seen in many years, was a hot, natural blonde, twinkish, smooth, and well endowed.

The only salaried person on set that day were the male and female talents.

In a few days, the guidebook with tips and advice on how to shoot porn and recruit AM talents will be released to the donors who donated more than 0. So instead of 1 or 2 AM knowing how to actually create adult media to serve the Asian community, we now got 5 people who knows how to do it and went through the pipeline.

Final report for the crowdfunding We are super proud of the fact that the community came together within a week and got the full amount that we asked for in the beginning, 00. It's the healthy thing to do.r31 he never really stopped. I had a gay friend in the '80s' that used to hook up with a well-known pro football player. He's getting really sloppy and the team might have to intervene. He was an angel for a little while, especially on social media. Coming out really helps you emotionally and mentally. I do respect him for not making up a bullshit excuse re: the last game where he got wasted the night before. Also isnt Seguin bff with Mike Stud, do ppl think frat boys like Mike hangs around with closet gays?Slobbering his big Asian cock while flipping the racist part of her audience off. Conclusions So now whenever we see a racist anti-Asian incident, we can literally create a porn parody of it.(1) More positive AM representation. (3) Counter productive for the white racist (they just managed to cuck themselves with more AMWF porn). Also, if you want to fund/organize some shoot like this, let us know and we can get you partnered with the Asianschlong production team.