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The architect, Philip Dowson, made a number of alterations to the building during the restoration process: the most important was the raising of the central Great Hall to first floor level in order to provide more classroom and administrative space on the ground floor below.

Bedford School Chapel was completed in 1908 and is a Grade B listed building.

The ground floor included the Headmaster's study, the Bell Room, common rooms for masters and, later, for monitors, as well as more classrooms.

Access to the upper floors was by narrow staircases situated at each end of the building.

Each school was required to pay a nominal penalty of £10,000 and all agreed to make ex-gratia payments totalling £3 million into a trust designed to benefit pupils who attended the schools during the period in respect of which fee information was shared.

On the night of 3–4 March 1979, much of the building was gutted by fire as a result of arson.

Bedford School is composed of the Preparatory School (ages 7 to 13) and the Upper School (ages 13 to 18).

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It has produced one Nobel Prize winner, recipients of the Victoria Cross, twenty-four rugby internationals, and the winners of seven Olympic gold medals, educating leading personalities from fields as diverse as politics, academia and the armed forces, cinema, the legal profession and sport.

Bedford School's Main School Building remained in this form until a disastrous fire on 3 March 1979 destroyed all but the west end where the Bell Room and the Headmaster's study were located.