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23-Mar-2017 12:37

Hardware tested Graphics: Additional Comments Well, the game works fine, I copy the Battlefield CD to my wineprefix folder as i do in every game and start the installer with the WINEDEBUG="fixme-all" option, i have to set a Virtual Desktop to play the game, in fullscreen mode the game's crash after open.

My Config: AMD Phenom II x4 2.8GHz, Ge Force GTX460 Wine 1.3.11, Debian Squeeze, Nvidia Driver 2 The console version of the lshw utility is your friend.

The DVD can no longer be read by my computer, though I have had it working before.

I have download a backup version from the internet and have used my purchased CD Key and have jumped through all the hoops to get that version to work in the past.

A game that you have (hopefully) legally paid for!! Tested with all available versions of the Battlefield 2142 retail DVD (1.00-1.51).

As a winter solstice present, you get to play Battlefield 2142 Online again!

Since I have completely reinstalled my software from a program wipe, I DO NOT want to spend the time to research how to get the software to work over valuable DAYS worth of time. for that reason, I RE-PURCHASED BF2142 over EA's service caled "Origin".

I thought it would be a painless method to play the game, with no worries because the Origin service would take care of any of that bs for me. (I am running Win 7 64 bitthe software has worked on my computer before, but only after I did a bunch of bullsheist I have tried placing the game into administrator mode.

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Post command and output in the Extra Comments section: sudo lshw -short | egrep -v '(volume|disk|bus)' Battlefield 2142 should now be installed successfully (hopefully).Best regards,-Nex Iuguolo I have same problem too - Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium with SP1. You will see this message, if you do not run game from Origin. "The Sudnik VP Anti-Vehicle weapon fires a single optically guided missile with a shaped charge capable of penetrating over two feet of steel plate.xxxxxxx There is no choice for BF2142 so I have chosen BF3. I purchased this game AGAIN today, and I would be grateful if you could take the time to help me get this game to work.

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