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29-Jan-2017 18:39

He was widely attacked for appearing to side with Putin rather than his own intelligence agencies over the Russian state's involvement in hacking the Democratic Party during the 2016 election.Belgian designer Diane Von Furstenberg, 71, said older men's struggle to 'get it up' used to level the sexual playing field at a time in life when women were coming to terms with a drop in fertility.John Lewis will open 'personalisation stations' at 11 different stores in the UK that allow shoppers to fill 1.2kg Quality Street tins with only the chocolates they like for £12, or £15 with a personalised tin.

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In the piece titled 'How I live on a £69,500 salary while saving to buy a two-bedroom flat', Kate explains the cut backs she has made while saving for her first home.In today's prices, it is believed to be worth around 3billion (£102billion).US President Donald Trump said at a meeting with his cabinet that Russia was not still targeting the United States - following a dire warning from his Intelligence chief that the Russian threat was flashing red. ' asked a pool reporter who was with him in the Oval Office. Trump did not elaborate on how he got the assurance - or whether it is among the many unknown topics that came up during his two-hour meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, with no staff other than interpreters present.Tanyalee Davis, 37, was left sobbing after a train guard ordered her to move her mobility scooter.