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24-Feb-2017 22:37

Private ambulances in Cambodia will actually refuse to take patients who are seriously injured, because they don’t want to risk transporting a dying patient who won’t be able to pay the hospital bill.But perhaps the primary reason why expats tend to die young in Cambodia is that many of them “lose the plot” and develop unhealthy habits involving drugs, alcohol, and prostitution.

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There has been such an overwhelming interest in moving to Cambodia that two recent books have been published on the topic.

All of the diseases that kill adults in Cambodia are even more dangerous to young children.

Kids are also more likely to be involved in accidents requiring emergency medical care, because kids are fragile and kind of stupid.

Even easily treatable illnesses can quickly become life-threatening if Cambodian doctors get involved.

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Sometimes expats in Cambodia succumb not to illness, but to traffic accidents or other hazards.Some of the recent interest in Cambodia has come from Westerners living in Thailand.Rising prices in Thailand and stricter Thai visa regulations have already contributed to a noticeable influx of shifty-eyed, tattooed sexpats creeping across the border into Cambodia.If you start choking in a restaurant in Cambodia, the locals will all stand around dumbfounded and stare at you until you turn blue and collapse on the floor. If you have a child or you are planning to have children, you definitely should not move to Cambodia.

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