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08-Apr-2017 13:37

When was the last time you told a friend, boss or family member, “no” simply because. If you find yourself feeling this way often, you might want to look at your perspective.

Putting the needs, wants and desires of others before your own at the expense of your emotional and physical health might be preventing you from living the life you desire.

Do you often find yourself saying, “yes” to things you truly do not want to do?

Have you ever committed to doing something and then felt resentful about it later?

In order for the client to be able to move forward, first he must recognize he is over-accommodating.

As a coach, sometimes it is very obvious to us that a client is over-accommodating and we are often aware before the client.

The person may lose touch with what is important to him; he may jeopardize his own happiness and may often wake up feeling at a loss for purpose leaving his days unfulfilled and flat.

Some signs that one might be over-accommodating include: To know what you prefer, instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.

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Once the client has awareness of his tendency to over-accommodate, he can begin to explore his feelings and to imagine his life differently.

This will require strength and persistence on the part of the client.

Accommodating meaning eager or willing to give what is needed to someone. Learn more.… continue reading »

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Accommodating definition, easy to deal with; eager to help or please; obliging. See more.… continue reading »

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When someone says that you're accommodating, it means that you're obliging, helpful / willing to help other people.… continue reading »

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