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I have my own concoctions you can’t resist –Magellan needed to discover I LOVE the heat of the sun on my skin And the wind blowing my hair I LOVE wild laughter. I LOVE making adventures out of the routine I LOVE the lowest and highest points of my life I want to build gardens of sunrise and sunsets I move to the beat of rhythms and base. That’s about the extent of the joke: In this confusing modern world, men and women aren’t always on the same page about where their relationships stand (no wonder Facebook offers an “It’s complicated” option).But hasn’t that been true since at least the beginning of the sexual revolution, if not dating all the way back to the Garden of Eden?

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Pairing her with Matt is like offering a cashmere chew toy to a Doberman, although they get along better than anyone would have predicted — even if Willa doesn’t necessarily agree with Matt’s idea that they’re dating (she describes it more as “hanging out”).A neat-and-tidy romantic comedy dedicated to capturing the messy reality of modern dating, Sam Boyd’s Los Angeles-set “In a Relationship” suggests what “La La Land” might have been if you took away the retro-chic musical numbers and sparkly, soda-fizz chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, leaving only commitment-phobic white people looking for connection in a city where there’s always something better around the corner.Though unlikely to land more than a day-and-date VOD release (or Netflix, if they’re lucky), the movie is much funnier than the vast majority of indie comedies, serving as a great audition piece for a career of sitcom directing.Sex is still good, though they bicker constantly, and while that doesn’t mean they’re not right for each other (heck, in some cultures, screaming matches are just one way couples show their love), it certainly makes them unpleasant to be around.

And yet, in nearly every going-out montage — and there are many — Roberts is shown smiling so hard you’d think they were shooting a tooth-whitening commercial.Like any other true Hollywood romance, the twosome met on the set of the thriller We'd wrap our arms a bit tighter if we could, Juno, because Michael is one puppy-eyed hottie!We don't know much about the up-and-coming actress, but she doesn't look like the type to cheat on her boyfriend! Producers: Jorge Garcia Castro, David Hunter, Ross Putman.

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