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When we’ve tested various Amazon Echo products, probably the number one thing we’ve used it for has been music and radio playback.

The reason for this is simple: if you want to get something playing quickly then it’s much easier to ask Alexa for a specific song or radio station rather than having to open an app.

You can do this from the Alexa app on your smartphone, where you’ll need to head into the ‘Settings’ menu, scroll down to ‘Music and Media’ and then select the music service of your choosing.

It’s possible to leave Amazon Music as your default and still play music through Spotify, but doing so will require you to manually request Spotify with each voice command, which isn’t that convenient.

Radio playback is even more simple thanks to Alexa’s integration with Tune In.

Simply ask for any radio station that’s available on the service and it will automatically start playing.

To do this, ask Alexa to turn the volume to a number between 1 and 10 and no, you can’t ask it to turn the music up to 11…

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Although Google Assistant had a bit of a head start when it came to video content thanks to its integration with the Chromecast streaming puck, Amazon has been catching over the past year.

You'll need to install the Sonos skill in the Alexa app, at which point Alexa will recognise any Sonos speakers that are connected to your home network.

Alternatively, if you have an Echo Dot or 2017 Amazon Echo you can simply connect them to an external speaker using their 3.5mm jack.

We've collected together the best Amazon Echo Alexa skills in handy categories: Amazon Echo Alexa skills for smart homes, Alexa skills for travel, Alexa skills for food and drink, and the best games to play on your Amazon Echo.

We'll also take you through the process of installing these Alexa skills on your Amazon Echo.And once they're installed on your device, Alexa can put them to good use.If you've just got your hands on an Amazon Echo speaker and you're setting it up in your home for the first time, or you've had one for a while but you're getting bored of getting it to miaow like a cat or tell you the heights of famous people throughout history, then this list is for you.If you've been happily nattering away to one of Amazon Echo's range of speakers, like the Echo Plus or the Show, then you probably feel like you know Amazon's AI voice helper Alexa pretty well. ) is really smart, it's only as good as the skills that you've installed.

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