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Later, one of the other girls crumbles when something from her past is exposed, leaving Chance to wonder if she is the right woman for him.The guys decide to take the girls out for a night on the town for some drinks.After the ladies slam and drop kick each other to the brothers' content, the winning team is taken on a date to the fishing hole.

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But Real and Chance need a girl who has got patience and good mothering skills, so it's time to put these girls to the test and see what they're really made of.

Later on, when Chance, spying from his bedroom window, catches Real putting the moves on his woman, he decides to go after one of his brother's girls to get back at him.

When the girl wants nothing to do with Chance, he makes up a lie about her to Real! Because professional wrestling is one of the Stallionaires' favorite forms of entertainment, the guys decide to have the girls put on wrestling matches.

But when Chance gets indigestion and the romance of the moment is lost, it sends the girl into a spiral.

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The Stallionaires are into their cars, and the challenge of the day is to pimp out some rides for the brothers.

Things blow up on Real's side, as well, when one of his girls accuses another of being a lesbian and hitting on her. The Stallionaires are looking for a woman who can be part of the family and take care of business.

Actors Morgan Daniel, Ahmo Hight, Jason Schnuit, Christian Gann; Directors Raymond Martino, Anna Nicole. Studio Boulevard; DVD Release Date 25 Jun.… continue reading »

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Real Chance of Love season 1 is the first season of the VH1 reality television dating series. Cali Christine Ly and Milf Ahmo Hight appeared in the second season of I Love Money, where they placed 10th and 14th place respectively.… continue reading »

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