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01-Feb-2017 21:12

A kiss may be seen as a caring gesture and not have a sexual connotation to one, while the other person may be stimulated into sexual thoughts and response just by thinking about it.

The topic is one that needs to be openly discussed and mutual acceptance of a definition that works for each of them.

Kissing and cuddling while in a Christian dating relationship, Pastor Jim shares his thoughts about physical contact while dating. Aside: We have more than a few testimonials (including Carolyn and Marty – “Our first kiss was at the altar” – and Veronique and Thomas – “And, yes, that [wedding] day we exchanged our very first kiss on the lips”) of couples who waited until their wedding day to have their first kiss. Today I received an email asking whether or not kissing and cuddling are considered a sin.

Give this advice piece a read and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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When is it okay and when is it something that becomes unhealthy?

I am not about laying a guilt trip but in openly sharing the truth to save unnecessary heartache and bodily harm.

Think about the power lying dormant Am I recommending that singles do not touch each other in dating?

I am reminded of my definition for sex: any activity that has as its intent or develops into a sexual stimulation is sex.

It does not require physical contact or even presence.It was not easy but let me tell you that first kiss… Slow and steady My encouragement is to not be focused on kissing and cuddling but to be open and aware of the total person you are experiencing.Building relationships is not a hit and run proposition.• GAUGE HOW IMPORTANT RELIGION IS FOR YOU • HANG OUT WITH OTHER CHRISTIANS • FIND CONFIDENCE OUTSIDE OF VICES • SET MUTUAL LIMITS • DON’T GO AGAINST YOUR BELIEFS FOR A GIRL Let me take these one at a time.

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