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Flexible Scheduling - The purpose of this measure is to allow a flexible work schedule for employees, or to allow for substitution or rescheduling of days when an employees religious beliefs do not permit him or her to work certain hours.

For example, Seventh Day Adventists and members of the Jewish faith observe the Sabbath from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.

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Even then you would need to show that you explored other alternatives before denying the request.Where the person has already used up paid holy days to which he or she is entitled, the employer should also consider permitting the employee to make up lost time or to use floating days off. Dress Codes - While many organizations utilize workplace dress codes, it is important to ensure that all employees are respected equally, and that the dress code does not preclude garments that are required as an element of their faith.The only exception would be where the wearing of religious garb presents a bona fide health and safety issue.But you may not request proof of the individual’s affiliation to the religion such as a note from clergy, etc.

If there is no foreseen undue hardship, however, then you must reasonably accommodate an employee's religious beliefs or practices.Essentially, Title VII offers two protections to employees, that they must not be treated differently because of their religion and that you, as the employer, must make a good faith effort to accommodate their religious/work conflict requests. Generally speaking, you need to make a good faith effort to honor an employee’s request to practice their faith or celebrate certain religious holidays.Employment law dictates that employers may be subject to potential legal problems and hefty fines if they arbitrarily deny these rights without a valid business reason.Observant members of these religions cannot work at these times.

Religion or belief discrimination. Taking time away from work for religious reasons - an employer is under no obligation to automatically give staff time off for.… continue reading »

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