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As a result of completing Dyslexia Student Profiler, the student has a personalised, comprehensive report dependent on the responses that were given with guidance and practical resources delivered in different ways to suit all learning styles.

*Dyslexia Student Profiler can be a great practical help at the start of the academic year or can be used if there is concern that more help is required.

Medicaid insurance will pay for the cost of the test if your child is enrolled. The cost of a blood lead test which is sent to the Michigan Department of Community Health Lead Laboratory for analysis is .

If your child needs a blood lead test, but your insurance will not pay for it, or you cannot afford to pay for it, the fee can be waived with permission from the laboratory.

It can provide the evidence to take the first steps for further assessment if required. The full screening package is £25 including VAT Please click to access the Dyslexia Student Profiler If you are not a student, you may want to choose to complete Dyslexia Profiler An initial short questionnaire is free.

The full screening package for this is £20 including VAT Please click to access the Dyslexia Profiler For everyone paying for the Profiler who comes through this website, a donation is made by Do-IT Solutions to the BDA.

it enters their bodies when they put their hands or toys into their mouths. There are things you can do to keep your children safe from lead poisoning.

Medicaid requires children be tested at 1 and 2 years of age.

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Mention of Organisational Members does not imply endorsement of products or services by the BDA. Nessy's Dyslexia Quest screening tool was first released in 2011 and is based on the tests of educational psychologists, mirroring the output that they would assess to determine the likelihood of dyslexia. Please note Dyslexia Quest screening results are not a definitive diagnosis of dyslexia but a way to identify possible areas of concern. To coincide with the start of Dyslexia Awareness Week in 2017, the team at Do-IT Solutions launched a NEW *Dyslexia Student Profiler on Monday 2nd October 2017.

The benefit of using screening tools is that it is something that the individual can do on their own without the need for a professional qualification.

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