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All with an international banking conspiracy to it and then a number of Jews.It’s an appeal to some of the worst elements of our country.” In other words: “Thou shalt not show the face of a Jew in power to the goyim.” But Trump did just that.He showed the Jew faces to his ‘deplorables.’ This might be the greatest achievement in the history of political campaigns.For many, the month of February is the coldest and bleakest of the year.

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hang drum hapi drum slim steel tongue drum etsy ??????? Most of them are used for real companies, services, websites, organizations, events, etc, but there are plenty of ones created just for inspiration. it behooves us to reflect on what he has thus far accomplished.Some logos are from Behance which is another great resource for design inspiration.

Most of the time those of us involved in promoting natural foods are prohibited from using the word Cure. This is one of those times where it’s entirely appropriate and accurate to talk about curing ulcers by simply drinking freshly made cabbage juice.… continue reading »

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